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Mike Failla Talks about PZtronics speakers

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We recently purchased a set of speakers from PZtronics. Since our music group consists of all females, we chose these speakers above all the others mainly because of their weight, size, and portability. The real bonus was the remarkable improvement in our sound quality. We are more than satisfied with their performance and would highly recommend them to any musician regardless of their genre of music. Mike at Pztronics was a pleasure to work with, very helpful, and delivered the speakers within 3 days of my order.
Great company...great service....great product!

Precious Seed
Cheryl, Shannon, Sherri

North Face Billy Lord talks about PZtronics speakers

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Johnnie D. from Silver Extreme

"We took off over 400 pounds from our load-in by switching to the VLA-2 speakers! "



John Amstadter uses VLA-2

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