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PZtronics Line Array Technology

What Is a Line Array?

A speaker array uses many small speakers to simulate a large speaker. A vertical line array design creates a 3dB drop-off with great horizontal projection, but little vertical diffusion. You can create different types of sound waves by changing the shape of the speaker. Conventional speakers transmit sound waves in all directions equally. They then use horns to try to direct the sound wave in the pattern they want. Omni-directional sound waves spread in all directions and drop in loudness 6dB's each time you double the distance from the speaker. Putting a horn in front of the speaker does not change the nature of the sound waves. Almost all speakers are round, and therefore create omni-directional sound waves, but with an array, a more directional sound wave can be produced if the speaker is much taller then it is wide. Since the actual nature of the sound wave is changed, the loudness can drop by only 3dB's each time you double the distance from the speaker. Long throw arrays are great for all rooms and really perform well in large halls and outdoor arenas.

Why do Line Arrays Sound Better?

It is advantageous to have sound waves that drop off at 3dB's.The sound 12.5 feet from the speaker at 90dB's will be 81dB's 100 feet away. The result is more consistent sound-pressure levels for listeners in the front and back of the room. Vertical diffusion is bad in an indoor environment. Most reverberations and echoes in a large room, come from high ceiling reflections. Reverberations and echoes make your sound less clear. With most speakers, instead of hearing the sound directly from the speaker, you commonly hear about 80 percent from reflections of the room. An array will focus approximately +/- 5 degrees vertically, minimizing ceiling reflections.

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Benefits of PZtronics Speakers

1. They won't break your back... only 20lbs.

2. Clear, intelligible reproduction even in highly reverberant rooms.

3. Microphone-friendly with outstanding resistance to feedback.

4. Elegant, exceptionally slim design, Unobtrusive, Aesthetically pleasing.

5. Huge sound with very long projection. The VLA-2 loudspeaker delivers high speech intelligibility and natural sounding music in even the most acoustically demanding spaces. A vertical line array of 20 3-inch full range drivers provides wide horizontal and narrow vertical pattern control. The VLA-2 loudspeaker is great on the road or for permanent installation in venues such as auditoriums, clubs, churches, presentation rooms, and gymnasiums. The VLA-2 is a full range speaker; however, subwoofers may be used in conjunction for more bass response.